It is important to understand all of the various prostate cancer treatment options before making a decision that’s right for you. It is also important to consult with a urologist and a oncologist when making this decision. These specialists will be able to provide a comprehensive assessment of available treatments as well as expected outcomes.

Your treatment decision will be based on a number of clinical and psychological factors such as the need for therapy, your level of risk, your personal circumstances, and your own desires for therapy based on risks and benefits. In general terms it will be important for you to determine from your doctor several key factors that will affect treatment options.

These include:

  1. how aggressive is your cancer,
  2. how good is your health,
  3. what is your anticipated life expectancy, and
  4. will prostate cancer treatment change your life expectancy.

It is important to note that there is still much to learn about prostate cancer therapy. There is uncertainty about what the best therapies are for different men and even whether some men require immediate therapy. Clinical trials are being conducted to better our understanding of various treatment options.

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