Dr. Schaeffer has been very active in fellow, resident, and student education.  Since 2007 Dr. Schaeffer has been closely involved in the education of medical students.  He lectures the second year medical students on the pathophysiology of prostate cancer.  He has also served as a mentor to numerous medical students on research projects resulting in many manuscripts and presentations at national meetings.  Dr. Schaeffer has also directly mentored 14 residents / post-doctoral research fellows resulting in 29 publications with them as first author.  Four of these individuals have gone on to academic faculty appointments with three of them as funded investigators.

Dr. Schaeffer leads didactic teaching sessions with medical students, residents and fellows from multiple specialties including Urology, Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, Radiology and Pathology in the multi-specialty clinic.

Dr. Schaeffer is also involved in the education of physicians worldwide who treat men with prostate cancer.  His most notable accomplishment in this area is the creation and directorship of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Norway.  Since prostate cancer is incredibly lethal in Norway with twice as many deaths as in the US, several of Dr. Schaeffer’s Norwegian patients asked him to try to help reduce the impact of the disease in their country.  Dr. Schaeffer attacked this problem on all fronts and created a non-for-profit foundation that provides: (1) Education for Norwegian patients and physicians, (2) Knowledge transfer through international meetings on scientific and clinical aspects of prostate cancer and (3) Research on the genetics of prostate cancer in Norway.  In 2015, he led an international meeting on Prostate cancer management — “Norwegian Prostate Cancer Symposia 2015”.  This meeting consisted of 12 international faculty and educated Norwegian Physicians who treat men with prostate cancer.  It was attended by over 75% of treating clinicians from Norway.

He has also served as a speaker at CME courses throughout the world.  He also directed and taught the “Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy” course at the American Urological Association Annual Meeting and edited one of the definitive books on the surgical management of prostate cancer entitled “Radical Prostatectomy: Surgical Perspectives”. Dr. Schaeffer has lectured at the Prostate Cancer Foundation International Meeting and the Genitourinary American Society of Clinical Oncology  (GU-ASCO) meeting.