Dr. Edward Schaeffer has been featured in numerous local and national news outlets to discuss his research findings and interpret other advances in urology research. These include:

How Advanced Imaging and Surgical Technique can Impact Management of Localized, High-Risk Prostate Cancer

May 5, 2019- Dr. Schaeffer’s presentation at the American Urological Association Annual Meeting named conference highlight by UroToday.

The Peter Attia Drive Podcast: How to Catch, Treat and Survive Prostate Cancer

February 12, 2019- In this episode, Dr. Schaeffer presents the roadmap for the best way to screen for, and treat prostate cancer.  He also discusses the “mass screening” controversy and all the risks involved with treatment.

Better Edge Podcast: Breakthroughs in Prostate Cancer Disparities Research

January 24, 2019- Dr. Schaeffer explains why African American men with prostate cancer are twice as likely to die than Caucasian men.

Northwestern Medicine Opens Polsky Urologic Cancer Institute 

January 7, 2019- Led by Dr. Schaeffer, the Polsky Urologic Cancer Institute will offer innovative, multidisciplinary treatment of all genitourinary cancers.

Simone Biles Went to the ER With a Kidney Stone—and Made It to the World Championships Finals the Next Day

October 30, 2018- Dr. Schaeffer interviewed by Self Magazine on symptoms and treatment of kidney stones.

Should You Pass on Getting a Rectal Exam to Screen for Prostate Cancer?

April 19, 2018- Dr. Schaeffer shares his expert opinion on prostate cancer screening with US News and World Report Health.

Prostate Cancer Foundation Awards New Research Grants

January 23, 2018- Dr. Schaeffer and team receive $1 million Prostate Cancer Foundation Challenge Award.

Men Should Ask about Prostate Cancer Test, Panel Advises

April 17, 2017- Dr. Schaeffer featured in NBC News article discussing new PSA screening guidelines.

Mike Haynes Shares Prostate Cancer Story at Super Bowl LI

January 31, 2017- Pro Hall of Fame football player discusses the importance of early prostate cancer screening with Dr. Edward Schaeffer.

Ben Stiller Opens up for the First Time Since Revealing Cancer Diagnosis

November 22, 2016- Dr. Schaeffer appeared on the Today Show with Ben Stiller to discuss the importance of early prostate cancer screening.

Winnetka Doctor Who Treated Ben Stiller Urges Screening for Prostate Cancer

October 20, 2016- Dr. Schaeffer discusses current guidelines for prostate cancer screening and prevention with the Chicago Tribune.

Ben Stiller’s Essay on Prostate Cancer Diagnosis, Evaluation and Treatment

October 4, 2016- “Ultimately, I found a wonderful surgeon named Edward Schaeffer who I felt comfortable with,” Stiller wrote in an Oct. 4 post on the “Cancer Moonshot” blog run by the administration of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. “He performed a robotic assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. Due to a lot of skill and a little beneficence from some higher power, he got all the cancer. As of this writing I am two years cancer free and extremely grateful.”

Ben Stiller Reveals Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

October 4, 2016- Dr. Schaeffer appeared on the Howard Stern Show with Ben Stiller to discuss Stiller’s prostate cancer diagnosis and the PSA screening test.

Cases of Aggressive Prostate Cancer on the Rise

July 19, 2016- Dr. Schaeffer is interviewed on NBC Evening News about his research showing that cases of metastatic prostate cancer nearly doubled in men aged 55 to 69 since 2004. “One hypothesis is the disease has become more aggressive, regardless of the change in screening,” said Schaeffer.

March 11, 2016- Dr. Schaeffer’s research and clinical expertise is highlighted in Northwestern Medicine Magazine along with a look into his personal background and what drove him to become a urologist.

Northwestern Medicine Names New Chair of Urology

September 30, 2015- “We are delighted to welcome Ted to Northwestern Medicine,” said Dr. Eric G. Neilson, vice president for Medical Affairs and Lewis Landsberg Dean at Feinberg School of Medicine. “He is at the forefront of the field of urology, with an outstanding background treating patients with aggressive prostate cancers and investigating the molecular mechanisms of the disease. I have no doubt that his exceptional leadership will bring the department of urology to new heights.”

Balancing Home and Work Life and Giving Back to Patients 

April 6, 2015- How does one endure the 90-hour-workweek demands of being at the forefront of prostate cancer research and treatment? The trick, Dr. Schaeffer says, is staying as efficient as possible in his life pursuits. “When you think about the critical components of being productive and successful, you must have good nutrition and exercise to help with stress management. And I think you need a purpose in life. Mine is to help men with cancer.” Dr. Schaeffer shares his philosophy on work-life balance on RobbReport.com.

Biopsies for Prostate Cancer Can Leave Men with Infections that are Hard to Treat

December 2, 2013- Dr. Schaeffer is quoted in the Washington Post regarding new research showing that between 1 and 4 men who have a prostate biopsy will develop an infection requiring hospital care.