Edward M Schaeffer, MD/PhD was not required to report external professional relationships for calendar year 2014.

External Professional Relationships

Pharmaceutical, device, and biotechnology companies frequently collaborate with basic scientists and physicians within an academic medical center to help advance science and improve patient care. These relationships are important in achieving scientific breakthroughs and in establishing the effectiveness and safety of promising new therapies. In order to assure objectivity in clinical research and patient care, the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (Feinberg), Northwestern Memorial HealthCare, Children’s Hospital of Chicago Medical Center, and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago have adopted integrity policies that require research and clinical faculty (in full-time, part-time, and unpaid/voluntary categories) to report compensated and uncompensated external industry relationships and other academic professional activities. Patients are encouraged to discuss these disclosures with their physician as well as to inquire as to how these relationships are overseen by Feinberg. To learn more about our Disclosure and Professional Integrity Policy, and the conflict of interest policies of our joint affiliate survey partners, please go to our Office for Regulatory Affairs Policies page.

Feinberg will provide yearly disclosure updates to each faculty member’s profile. Please note there may be some discrepancies between this and other public sites as a result of different reporting periods or categorization of relationships. In addition, conference management, educational, and similar organizations may provide compensation to physicians on behalf of pharmaceutical, device, and biotechnology companies. If patients would like additional information regarding their physician’s relationships with these organizations, they should contact their physician directly.

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